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The three main destinations you must visit to get to know South America

From the idyllic countryside of the meadows and regions, passing through the extensive highlands with its prominent mountains, to the warm waters of warm and welcoming beaches: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru make up the destinations of greatest landscape, gastronomic and cultural wealth of Latin America.
Multicultural, mega-diverse and gastronomic par excellence, the triangle of experience that houses a very rich quality of products, recognized worldwide, have been very well represented by the famous localities of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

The South American territory has always been characterized by belonging to one of the richest and most fruitful areas of the region, where countries bathed by the Pacific Ocean have been the most turgid. This area is also manifested by a geographical feature of great importance; and it is to concentrate on the limits – or failing that – within the equinoctial line.

Colindar with the equator is not only a qualifier of the geography of a country, but also offers that the environmental conditions of an area or region are natural enough, generating a high productivity of different essential matters for the development of the community .

From here the magnificent traditional and typical dishes of the region are derived, being a good opportunity for tourists from all over the world to debut is these delicious culinary recipes.

On the other hand, the typical flavor is not only reflected in culinary tastes, but also extends to the landscape harmony inherent in the place. These are attributes that South America exhibits with great luxury, because it has seasons, climates and natural attractiveness that is able to please the most rigorous tastes.


Starting with Colombia that as a South American destination has an abundant wealth that emanates from its welcoming, charismatic people; In addition to being one of the areas with greater productivity, where of course we will not get tired of mentioning its exquisite coffee, considered by many to be the best quality in the world.

The Caribbean region is one of the most popular for travelers where we can take a relaxing tour of the desert coasts, Tayrona National Park, and continue through Santa Marta, and then descend through the Sierra Nevada.

The Andean region is the most populated in the country, therefore, the one with the greatest economic wealth. One of the most fascinating destinations may be Bogotá as the capital, Medellín and the tour of the Coffee Axis; To the south, Cali, a salsa destination par excellence, or a more pleasant destination such as the Tatacoa Desert.

Other essential and important regions are the Orinoquía with extensive plains and warmer climates, where in the Cañon Cristales in the Macarena excels a spectacular river of five colors; and there is also the most extensive and minor Amazon region populated with pleasant walks through the jungle and the sighting of birds, mammals, dolphins, and even extreme sports.

There are undoubtedly many spectacular sites to visit as we have already mentioned, but one we want to highlight is Santander. The cuisine stands out with dishes such as ants, goats, guavas, pepitoria, etc., in addition to the landscape, cultural and architectural riches, they have a wide range of sports activities such as rafting, boating, cave exploration and paragliding.


The colonial legacy and pre-Hispanic past are keys to refer to Peru. From gastronomy, historical culture and natural wonders, they have a splendid tourist diversity. As a destination, Peru is the cradle of gastronomy, recognized by its people and also by those who visit the country from other parts of the world.

To better portray the particularity that characterizes Peru, we will say that it is a more experiential trip, where the experience comes alive and invites the tourist to enter the ancestral traditions that cultivated the itinerant wealth that symbolizes one of the most attractive destinations on the continent.

That is why it has 12 places recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage, constituting an exclusive biodiversity, with natural paradises of dazzling fauna and flora.

When talking about this country, we have to mention Machu Picchu, an ancient sanctuary that recreates between bulging and green mountains, with an enigmatic ancestral city that has endured time, being recognized today as a World Heritage Site.

Formed by platforms, ditches, houses and temples; The city of the Inkas was a political, religious and social center that summoned the most illustrious characters of the ancient civilization.

By an extensive railway line that runs through gorges and steep slopes, ancient roads for the tribes that inhabited the Inca city, and that ends at an average altitude of 2 450 m.a.s.l. traveling an extension of 112.5 km from Cusco; an exciting experience full of flowery places where culture is part of the intense landscape treasure, which is sighted since entering the ancient city.


In the center we place Ecuador, smaller in territory, but with a diversity equally comparable to other locations. If its small extension is considered, it can be, and is in fact, listed as the most mega-diverse country in the world, since it is home to countless endemic species.

With its three well-defined regions, the selection becomes an adventure. The coast that has a natural charm, with warm climates with the best beaches that can be found; the mountains with lush mountains and volcanoes that leave no room for imagination, and the Amazon, perfect season to figure out the best wet forests, with a huge variety of animals and plants.

Gastronomy stands out in equal measure, since being regional, heterogeneity offers the possibility of choosing any taste and flavor that one prefers. On the coast we will find the best preparation of marine dishes, as well as typical and traditional food from rural areas; the ancestral culinary recipes stand out in the mountains, with a very different and characteristic flavor of the region, and in the Amazon as the jungle is closer, the set of methods and products inherent to the place provide an exclusive seasoning and taste to your dishes.

Recognized worldwide as a tourist destination with various honorable mentions, recreational activities ranging from diving, surfing, rafting, trekking, whale watching, ascent to volcanoes (Chimborazo, the colossus that is the highest point on the planet), or commercial visits to the elaboration of straw hats, bananas or cocoa (considered one of the best in the world for its delicious taste and quality).

However, when talking about Ecuador, we cannot ignore the wonderful and enchanted Galapagos Islands. Located 1000km from the Ecuadorian coast, they appear as a splendid tourist attraction, consisting of 13 large islands, 6 small islands and 107 rocks and islets.

As a World Heritage, it is home of 220 endemic species of plants, and more than 137 species of reptiles, mammals, birds and the Galapagos turtles that are the emblem of the Islands. Diving and snorkeling are essential activities. You can see an infinity of sea lions, sharks, schools of fish of various types and colors, marine iguanas (unique in the world), and, of course, a splendid landscape that accompanies the tour at all times.

Venturing to know the most iconic places in South America, it is without a doubt, to travel with great enthusiasm these three splendid destinations.

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