Who are we?
Ecuador & Beyond is a tour operator created for women travelers, like you, who like to share new experiences in a destination full of energy that will nourish their minds and relationship with others. Our commitment is that through the experiences we offer in our tours you will feel unique and extraordinary, and find tools to help you in your daily life.
Are you ready?

Our story

I am Ana María Romero, founder of Ecuador & Beyond. More than 20 years ago I started the adventure of promoting Ecuador to the world. In this journey, I have learned how to connect travelers like you with the people's warmth, the attractiveness of the colors of nature, the delicious taste of gastronomy, the diversity of the fauna... My desire is to share all my experiences with Ecuador & Beyond so that this destination will be an enriching experience in your life.

A connecting experience

As women we love the simple things in life, we see in the details the wholeness of the world, and we have the strength to get back up even when we have fallen a thousand times; that's why I want you to enjoy a journey that is experiential, where you rediscover your strengths and recharge your energies. Knowing that you will return home with a new vision of the world that will connect you with that essence of womanhood. We are that important piece that complements life on this planet.

Doing more than just tourism

One of the problems that most affect Ecuadorian women in different areas is domestic violence, which is why we work together with GES Ecuador in the "Equidad en Marcha" (Equity on the Move) program. This program provides training to companies’ employees so that they can learn to identify this type of violence and its perpetrators, thus raising awareness of this important issue in order to help reduce the current rates of violence against women in Ecuador.