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Do You Know The 5 Most Exquisite Dishes Of Peruvian Gastronomy?

Peruvian Gastronomy is one of the most diverse in the world with more than 400 typical dishes. Peruvian cuisine is constantly evolving and its great variety is due to the diversity of its geography and climates, the gastronomic tradition of ancient cultures (Inca and pre-Inca), which is the base of many modern dishes, the mixture of races and cultures with Spanish and Arab, African, French and countries influences such as China, Japan, Italy, and others.

But what are the most exquisite dishes I have been able to try in Peru? Here is a small list of what has been my best culinary experience during my visit to Peru

  1. Ceviche: The most important Peruvian dish, recognized internationally, a source of pride and a symbol of Peruvian national identity. Ceviche consists of the combination of raw fish marinated quickly in lemon that “cooks” it, with spices and chili pepper, traditionally served with a piece of boiled corn, sweet potato, and onion. It can be prepared with different types of fish, the classics are sea bass and sole also with seafood.
  1. Causa Rellena: It is a traditional dish of the Peruvian cuisine. Made with potatoes, lemon, yellow pepper, chicken, tuna or seafood, extremely delicious. To the main ingredients you can add others such as Peruvian corn, mayonnaise, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and lettuce. It is presented in a circular form and decorated according to the chef’s taste
  1.  Sauteed loin: Another typical dish and ideal for meat lovers, whose origin dates back to the nineteenth-century Asian migrations, was born thanks to the fusion of Peruvian cuisine with Chinese oriental. Made based on pieces of meat, onion, tomato and french fries. However, to make it even more exquisite, several places have increased “special” ingredients while maintaining the traditional home seasoning that is certainly unmatched.
  1. Ají de Gallina: It is a fusion dish of Quechua and Spanish ingredients. What differentiates this dish from any other stew, is that some not so common ingredients are used for this type of stew. It consists of a thick cream made with shredded chicken, bread, green pepper, milk, and broth. Served with rice, Peruvian potatoes and decorated with olives, hard-boiled egg, and lettuce.
  2. Rocoto Relleno: A native dish of Arequipa, it can also be found in Lima. This dish has a particular characteristic: it is very spicy, so if you do not like spicy it is better not to risk. The rocoto is a species of endemic chili pepper from Peru. The dish consists of filling this fruit with ground meat, onion, olives, freshly grated cheese, and hard-boiled egg, all this stuffed and seasoned with salt, cumin, and other condiments to taste.

How did you find these delicious dishes? Did you want to try any? Do not miss that opportunity and discover with us these and many other dishes on our gastronomic tour, which will also allow you to share your experience in haute cuisine with local chefs.

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