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About Us

Our History

With over 15 years of experience in the tourist field, we are a team that seeks to give a different vision when you visit a country. We want you to have the option not only to visit a destination, but to know it.

This is why our staff will be a link that will allow you to live each site visited by sharing with its people, enjoying its culture, experiencing new sensations and adventures, where you will leave your comfort zone, you will see the new challenges of life, you will feel renewed And you’ll know you’re ready for your next challenge

We don’t want you to just travel, we want you to discover!

Guests with Unforgettable Memories 99%
Guests that want to travel with us again95%
Guests satisfaction98%

Social Responsability

In life it is important to share what you have or what you are. Ecuador & Beyond support the program “Cero Violencia” (No Violence) in Ecuador.
It is a program that works with women to prevent domestic violence, teaching them how to recognize it, how to act, how to prevent. This program also works with business companies and their people, helping them to prevent Woman’s violence in this environment.
How do we help? We organize the workshops for women with the location, materials, finding the coach according the topic, and the publicity
What have been the results? Women are becoming more acknowledge of their strengths and their capacity to make changes in this world.