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If you are thinking to visit Colombia this year, it will be the best decision you will make! Colombia is a destination where you can feel free! 

This South-American country has lots of places to discover and things to do that you can’t miss! Just pack your suitcases and jump into this wonderful experience. Here are  our travel suggestions

  1. Stop thinking about dangerous! 

Over the past 10 years Colombia has worked incredibly hard to turn itself, and its reputation, around! This is a beautiful country that in 2019 received over 3,1 millions of visitors!  And for this year they expect 4,5 millons. Do you really think that so many people want to visit a dangerous country? Release your mind from these limiting thoughts, if you want to enjoy your experience.  

Colombia is not different from any other country!  Take the usual precautions and don’t put yourself at risk

Anthony Bourdain said it well

“ If you want to find bad people in Colombia, you can surely find them—as you could in New York or Los Angeles. But nowhere have my crew and I been treated better or with more kindness and generosity”.

  1. Friendly people that will connect you with life and will forget all your problems:

Colombians are very friendly and helpful when if you need any information or advice, they will make their best to give you the answer and if they don’t know it, for sure they will find somebody around who knows it. If you have a problem or don’t know your directions, they will do everything so you can find the site you are looking for.

  1. Talking about Bourdain… you don’t have to miss  Cartagena’s street food tour 

I’m pretty sure that you are thinking on include Cartagena in your itinerary! Right? Cartagena is a very nice city, but besides the beautiful landscape that you can find here what is very attractive is the food. Take your appetite and an adventurous attitude and hit the streets to experience food the way Cartageneros do. Whether you look for a  snack or something more substantial, a healthy menu or a delicious dessert, Cartagena’s streets offer you everything! One of the very best ways to experience Cartagena’s culinary culture.

  1. If you are already walking on the streets of Cartagena, it is a good opportunity to do some Rum Tasting!

Do you want to discover new flavors and differentiate great cocktails and exquisite liquor? This is your opportunity to do a rum tasting. This incredible experience looks to immerse you in the mythical world of pirates, where your palate will be the only witness of the hidden treasure that Cartagena guards inside.

You will live a wonderful and recreational experience, lead by important Mixologists in Colombia that will guide you and show you that the mysterious world of liquor goes way beyond a bottle. Enjoy this great experience while trying delicious chocolates.

  1. The Botanical Garden of Calarcá a subtle experience to connect with your senses.

This beautiful botanical garden was founded in 1979. It’s one of the best botanical gardens in all of Colombia and a must-see when visiting the country. Other than the diverse plant life and bird species that can be found in the garden, it’s mostly known for its Butterfly House (Mariposario). The 680-sq-meter butterfly house is shaped like a giant butterfly and houses up to 2000 of the insects. There’s also a 22 meters observation tower, a suspension bridge,  plus ferns, orchids, a guadua (bamboo) forest and an extensive collection of palms. Besides this, you can observe a variety of colorful birds. It is just spectacular to let yourself feel the colors, sounds, and scents of this garden.

  1. A city tour in Bogotá will totally connect you with Colombia’s culture.

In a full-day, you will have the opportunity to visit La Candelaria home to some of Bogotá’s most popular museums and attractions. The incredible buildings are typical of Spanish colonial architecture and cobbled streets. You will enjoy exploring the Unique Gold Museum, the famous Botero Museum or the Cultural Centre Gabriel García Marquez, the Colombian famous writer!. You can also go to Monserrate Hill taking the Cable Car to the top, where you can admire panoramic views of the city from 3,100 meters high.


Bogotá is also a place to discover different fruits that you might not have seen before during your visit to a fruit market.  It’s a complete cultural immersion where you can get to know the dynamics of this providing place where the products of thousands of people from the countryside arrive daily, besides trying out new fruits and products.  

  1. Want to try a real coffee? 

Ok! Going to Colombia gives you the opportunity to see the whole process from the coffee crops to toasted grain that goes to your coffee. 

Visiting the Cocora valley and Salento town is the best option to have this great experience, besides you will visit one of the most beautiful areas in Colombia. The area of Salento will impress you with great scenery – led by the stunning nature of Cocorá Valley. In  Salento town you will have the opportunity to have a “traditional meeting with the Colombian drink”. A very nice experience that includes a group discussion about specials coffee, coffee brewing, and so on (all of this with a delicious cake!) So if you want to know more or want to share what you know about coffee, this is the place! You will not only learn but see with your own eyes.

So, what are you waiting for MAKE IT HAPPEN! Find a new world, connect with yourself and discover what Colombia really is!

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